Musical Theater

Musical Auditioning Skills
Students will learn how to prepare for a musical audition by working with easy solos and monologues. They will also participate in a mock audition to test their skills and give them some auditioning experience.

Musical Theater

Students will experience musical theater on a small scale by developing and acting out scenes from different musicals. They will be required to memorize lines, songs, and blocking for their
own scenes as well as participating in ensemble scenes.

Students will develop acting and interacting skills through improvisation exercises, monologues, and dialogues.


Students will be learning songs from different musicals (both solo and ensemble). At the end of the 12 weeks students will exhibit their new skills by performing the scenes and songs that they have been working on for family and friends

*Prerequisite for class: Student must be able to sing on pitch
*Preferred: Student is a current private voice student

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