Shea Marshall

Piano & Woodwinds

Originally from McMurray, PA (outside of Pittsburgh), Mr. Shea Marshall has been playing music since age 5, and has been performing since he was 12. His primary instruments are Saxophone and Hammond Organ, but he has been known to perform on pretty much anything — accordion, piano, violin, harmonica, clarinet, flute, bass clarinet, bass, etc. He has come to his style through the study of jazz music and through extensive work on the most diverse and disparate of stages in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Europe. This broad array of performance experiences has shaped him into a musician who is well known for his uniquely universal approach to sound.


In addition to his work as a versatile performer able to adapt to a wide range of genres and instruments, Shea Marshall is also a skilled composer and arranger. He has written original jazz compositions, as well as the instrumentals for a number of popular, original ballads for his blues band, The Sugar Thieves. His experience as an arranger includes work for musical ensembles ranging in size from 4 to over 70 pieces. Shea also writes original music for himself that blends his various inspirations and talents into a unique musical experience.


Music is Shea’s lifelong passion. As such, he feels called to pass on what he’s learned, and cultivate in the next generation the same love of music he exudes. He instructs and is inspired by his studio of students at the Desert Ridge Music Academy who study piano, violin, clarinet, flute, saxophone, and music theory/composition. He has also lectured to the Jazz Improvisation class at Arizona State University on being working musician. Shea has directed orchestras, marching bands and given formal and informal instruction to students aged 6 to 65.


Shea has worked with a multitude of artists including Bernard Purdie, Dick Wagner, ‘Papa’ John DeFrancesco, Dennis Rowland, Jody Gnant, Jason DeVore (of Authority Zero), Marcos Crego, Joe DiPadova, David Hernandez, Joe Gallivan, Mike and Jared Bell (the Lymbyc Systym), Julito Padrón, Carolina Cerisola (World Champion salsa and burlesque dancer), Mikel Lander and Wayne Newton. He is available for recording and performances in the States and internationally. All in all, Mr. Shea Marshall is a dedicated follower of his passion for music, who lives to create and to inspire.

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